10 Steps to a Perfect Manicure

Monday, May 13, 2013
Sorry again for the absence in posting. It has been a rough week for my family. But I'm back at school and ready for the summer semester to start and have some time today to share this article with you.

My Mimi mailed me this article and thought I might be able to use it for a post. It's "10 Steps to a Perfect Manicure" written by Melanie Rud from Good Housekeeping. I thought it would be awesome for those of you just starting out and also for those who just want to revamp their mani routine. I'll give you each step included in the article but also share my own personal knowledge as well.

Image taken from pdfmagazines.org

  1. Pick a pretty shape- shape your nail to match the arc of your cuticle bed. I find that rounded nails are the most flattering. Square shaped tips tend to make your nail beds look unnaturally large.
  2. File this way-  File in one direction; the back and forth movement breaks down layers of keratin and protein your nails need to grow. I noticed that in nails salons they tend to file back and forth- do not do this! A crystal nail file seems to work the best for me and is easy to clean as well.
  3. Wipe nails clean- some polish removers leave behind a residue that make it difficult for polish to adhere to your nails. Mix two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water to wash off your nails. This is something I actually didn't know so I plan on trying this out my next mani to see how it helps.
  4. Lay a good foundation- Base coat, base coat, base coat! Find one you like and use it to prevent staining- some even double as a nail strengthener. I use OPI Base Coat and have no complaints.
  5. Brush in two directions- Paint vertically to the edge of the nail, then horizontally swipe the end of the brush along the tip to seal the color and prevent chipping. I don't do this and I'm not sure how easy it is but I am definitely going to give it a try.
  6. Layer wisely- Apply the first coat of color a bit heavier then make the second coat much lighter to avoid smudges. Finish with a top coat to seal in color and add shine. I always try to stick with two coats of color unless the polish is very sheer. I also use Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat that I really love and would recommend.
  7. Oil up- Apply cuticle oil to the top of your nails 5 minutes after the top coat. Also apply daily to keep your cuticles soft and your nails moisturized. I am a big supporter of Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil. In case you missed my review on this product, here it is.
  8. Be patient- Let the polish dry for about 15 minutes. I used to be the worst at this but now I know to give myself enough time for a mani. Also be sure to go to the bathroom and put up your hair before you start because these are the two things that always get me right after I finish my nails.
  9. Make it last- Apply a clear coat every 2 or 3 days to make sure your mani lasts. I use my top coat and go over the polish if I notice it gets a little dull throughout the week.
  10. Take it off- Soak cotton balls in polish remover and apply to each nail. Leave for a few seconds and then remove. I use the round make up pads you can pick up at the drug store. I only use 5 each time too because they are big enough to flip around so they can be used once on each hand.

This article also tests out different brands and determines what I have always said: Essie is the best nail polish. I won't give too much away because this article is definitely worth a read. It also includes little tid bits of information on how to make your nails look fabulous.

Definitely pick up the May 2013 Good Housekeeping magazine if you want to take a closer look :)

Loyally Lacquered,


KarenD said...

Re: step 5--I rarely paint across my tips, but when I do, I do it first, so that the regular strokes down the length of my nail can take care of any blobs I made on the top of my nails when I was trying to paint the ends--and I always seem to make blobs. :)

The Perfectly Polished Life said...

Thanks for the tip :)

Jenni-Irelishnailpolish said...

Pretty good article! I wrap my tips with only the first coat of color polish, and then wrap them again with the top coat. Otherwise they dry too slow and there's a weird build up at the tips. But I ALWAYS wrap my tips, it helps with shrinkage and slows down tip wear... plus it is much better for photos.

The Perfectly Polished Life said...

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try it!

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