Peace, Love and Green Nails

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
It has been a pretty tough week for my family. My grandfather (we call him Pappy) passed away this Tuesday. Pappy was as Irish as they come and if you ever forgot, all you had to do was take a look at any of his notes from work or a card he signed and there was his signature green ink. Ever since I can remember he has used that same felt-tipped green pen to sign all of my cards... "Love Mimi and Pappy" they would always say with the important words of the card underlined, indicating he took the time to read and highlight what he wanted you to remember. He never missed a beat; Pappy and Mimi made it to just about every event, big or small. We got very lucky with Pappy and are blessed to have another angel watching over our family.

Pappy and Mimi with the grandchildren
Once I had heard of the funeral arrangements I knew I had to find a shade of green to paint my nails. Of course my family was one step ahead of me; my Aunt Debbie (she will be so happy she got a shout out!) texted me another cousin had the same idea and my Mimi had already picked out the polish. I wish we got pictures of everyone's green nails but with everything going on we all forgot. Here are mine for you to see. If you like the polish, it's Wet N' Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch.

Sometimes polish is a fashion statement, other times it reflects ones mood. This manicure was for my Pappy and although that may seem cheesy or irrelevant, I know he will appreciate it. I also know he will read this blog post like he always used to do, but now the chair he sits at will be just a little higher in the sky. And I'm positive he's showing it to Uncle Mike, Aunt Loretta, Big Grammy, Pop, Little Grammy, Grandma, and all the other wonderful people that left us too soon.

And as Pappy would say...Peace and Love,


Dee Dee said...

Love you! Beautiful!!! Pappy would have loved our polish.

Melissa Lacquer Reverie said...

So sorry for your loss, Caitlin. What a sweet idea for you all to paint your nails green in your grandfather's honor.

Mark Missigman said...

Thank you and bless you

Anonymous said...

I love you Sweet Pea and so did Pappy...great job!

Maria Dandy said...

Pappy was so proud of you and all his grandkids. Well done! Love you!!

The Perfectly Polished Life said...

Thank you everyone :)

Gold Francine said...

Sorry for your loss. <3

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