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China GlazeHolly-DayGreenCrème
China GlazePeachy KeenPeachCrème
China GlazeWinter BerryRedCrème
EssieA Crewed InterestPinkCrème
EssieAvenue MaintainBlueCrème
EssieBangle JangleLilacCrème
EssieBeyond CozySilverGlitter
EssieBikini So TeenyBlueCrème
EssieBobbing for BaublesNavyCrème
EssieBrooch the SubjectNudeCrème
EssieButler PleaseBlueCrème
EssieCloud NineWhiteSheer
EssieCocktail BlingGreyCrème
EssieDemure VixenBeigeShimmer
EssieEternal OptimistMauveCrème
EssieGo GinzaLilacCrème
EssieHip AnemaRedCrème
EssieMadison Ave-HuePinkShimmer
EssieMaximillian Strasse-HerGreyCrème
EssieMint Candy AppleMintCrème
EssieMojito MadnessGreenCrème
EssieNeo WhimsicalLilacCrème
EssieNothing Else MetalsSilverShimmer
EssiePlay DatePurpleCrème
EssiePop Art PinkPinkCrème
EssieSand TropezNudeCrème
EssieSchool Of Hard RocksGreenCrème
EssieSize MattersRedCrème
EssieSplash of GrenadineFuschiaCrème
EssieTart DecoCoralCrème
EssieTurquoise & CaicosTealCrème
EssieWhere's My Chaffeur?TealCrème
OPIAlpine SnowWhiteCrème
OPIBig Red AppleRedCrème
OPIBuble BathPinkSheer
OPICajun ShrimpRedCrème
OPIDuch Ya Just Love OPI?PurpleShimmer
OPII'm Not Really a WaitressRedShimmer
OPILast Friday NightBlueGlitter
OPILincoln Park After DarkBlackCrème
OPILourve Me Lourve Me NotPurpleShimmer
OPIMeet Me on the Star FerryBrown/PurpleShimmer
OPIMonSooner or LaterRedCrème
OPIMy Big BreakPurpleShimmer
OPIRussian NavyNavyShimmer
OPISchnapps Out of ItOrangeShimmer
OPISki Teal We DropTealCrème
OPIStrawberry MargaritaPinkCrème
OPISuzi & the 7 DusseldorfsPurpleShimmer
OPISuzi & the LifeguardPinkShimmer
OPITickle My France-yNudeCrème
OPITo Dive For PinkPinkShimmer
OPIYou Don't Know Jacques!Nude/GreyCrème

Nude/Grey Crème

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withlovebysandy said...

After I say this, I immediately went out and bought Maximillian Strasse! Maximillian Strasse is the most luxurious shopping street in Munich. Made me feel right at home! Love you blog!! and love you! <3

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