About Me

I used to hate painting my nails. I am a perfectionist (and also highly impatient) so any tiny blemish would cause me to reach for the remover and start all over again.

My love for nail polish began a little over a year ago when my life was so crazy busy that painting my nails was literally the only thing that would make me sit down and relax. I hate smudges! So sitting in my chair while watching TV and painting my nails was my 30 minutes of relaxation- I'm pretty sure it kept me sane.

Since I've hung up my sorority president hat, I've been searching for something to occupy my time. While running has peaked my interest and gotten me back in shape, I decided I needed something else. The whole sorority house knows how much I love nail polish (and they like to borrow from my collection) so I figured why not share my little hobby with everyone. And who wouldn't want an excuse to buy some more fun colors? :)

I have a slight (okay lets get real, very large) obsession with Essie polish. I don't know if it's the cute and sleek bottle or the fantastic names, but I do prefer Essie polish over most other brands. I do like OPI and am just getting into China Glaze, but I really haven't tried any "high-end" brands. Hello, college student on a budget! But please, recommend to me your favorites and I will absolutely try them out :)

I do want this blog to be more than just nail polish. I usually use polish to accentuate my outfit or complement the season so I want to throw in fashion and current trends as well. Feel free to let me know if you want me to talk about something in particular!

I hope you enjoy reading!