Tips and Polka Dots

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
I finally had time to do something with my nails this week! It's not too fancy but I'm happy with the outcome!

I used Essie Come Here for the base color. It is a bright red/orange that looks very similar to Essie Hip-Anema that I painted my nails awhile ago. The formula was a bit watery and I noticed I flooded my cuticles quite a bit when painting, which was frustrating. But the color is still very pretty and definitely a good one for the summer.

Photo taken in natural lighting
Then I took Essie Bobbing for Baubles and made the polka dots on my thumb nail with the tip of a bobby pin. I free-handed the tip of my nails using the regular polish brush. It does require a steady hand, but just wipe off the majority of the polish and gently dab the remaining color on the tips until you get a thickness you're happy with. In these pictures it looks black, but Bobbing for Bobbles is a deep navy.

A close-up of my thumb nail
And I just got my ring back from being sized this week so had to take a picture :)

Back to homework and projects for me...surprise surprise. Have a great week!

Loyally Lacquered,


Nail Lacquer said...

Aww so cute, reminds me of ladybirds :)

Clare @ Perfectly Painted said...

This is so cute! I love the tips with the dots.

The Perfectly Polished Life said...

Thank you both!

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