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Monday, April 15, 2013
So good news! If you read my review on Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil and are dying to try it, you're in luck! Go to this link and you'll get your complimentary sample. Downside: it will ship in 6-8 weeks, but hey it's free! Now on to accessories!

So we all love our polish and spend so much time perfecting every detail. And who doesn't love it when someone comments on the color or the design!? So why not draw more attention to your gorgeous nails by accentuating them with some awesome accessories? Here are some great websites I have uncovered that provide cute and affordable bracelets and rings to add some pizzazz to your nails.

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The first website is Hello Miss Apple. They have unique, handmade designs that are so beautiful and trendy. I love the dainty designs and they are perfect for"stacking" purposes. Most designs are made in both gold and silver (sometimes rose gold) so you can match any outfit. Most pieces cost between $20-$30.

The anchor & helm bracelet shown above is one of my favorites they have online right now. It would be the perfect gift for a friend obsessed with all things nautical. I am also hoping to get a watch for graduation so I'm in the market for some stackable bracelets :)
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The rings are also amazing. They have many different kinds and even "knuckle rings." I have never heard of these before I discovered this website, but they are like the silver arrow that appears in the picture to the right above the knuckle. Check out the Instagram page of Hello Miss Apple for some awesome inspiration for future purchases.

The next website I have for you is Emi-Jay Hair Ties. For those of you who have never heard about Emi-Jays, your probably confused as to why I am talking about hair ties as accessories, but you have to check these out!

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 Emi-Jay was started by Emily and Julianne, two teenage girls who wanted to update the boring hair tie. These hair ties are hand-dyed and handmade right here in the United States. The designs are endless and the good news is they just launched their Summer designs on Sunday!

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So you must be thinking, "Okay Caitlin, we get it, now tell me how I can use these as accessories to accentuate my nails."  Well take a look to the left at these awesome designs! Some are too pretty to use in your hair. I use them as a bracelet more than I do as a hair tie!. They fit snugly around your wrist and can complement any nail design. I have a silver glitter Emi-Jay that I wore in addition to a glitter accent nail and it looked awesome!

These hair ties are featured in countless magazines from Seventeen to O Magazine. Even Jennifer Aniston loves them! This 5-pack is $12.99. You can also order a cute little paint tin full of 8 hair ties for $19.99.

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And last but not least...Glamz and Glitz! This website is awesome for stackable collections. You can purchase a whole stack and the work is already done for you! The stacks range in price from $37-$90. This peaches and cream bracelet caught my eye! If you scroll down on the page you can find Cartier replica bracelets and rings as well as plenty of accessories featuring the infinity symbol.

Let me know if you have any go-to websites of your own. I'm always looking for those special finds!

Loyally Lacquered,


Becki Vieira said...

Love those bracelets! Orange is my all time favourite colour so I may have to have a gander on that website :) Thank you! I love arm junk :) I am a new follower :) - would love for you to check my blog out at some point x

BeautySpot said...

Love the knuckle rings I have been on the lookout for really nice ones :)

The Perfectly Polished Life said...

They have some awesome choice on their website!

Adina Smith said...

OMG what a pretty arm candy. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
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